Thanks to the incubation industry clusters formed by resources distributed in 500,000 M2 innovation S&T parks in first-tier cities of China, such as Beijing, Shanghai and etc. recent years see Zoomtech keeps expanding its overseas service network with an aim of integrating domestic and overseas resources and building a first-class and internationalized incubation hub and acceleration platform. For the time-being, Zoomtech has established many overseas S&T innovation centers in a number of countries and cities across the world, Silicon Valley, Dallas, Berlin,Tel Aviv, with cross-border service network covering many countries including U.S. Germany, Israel and etc.

Depending on the fast development of S&T innovation industry, Zoomtech mainly provides five major module services including sharing innovation space, international innovation incubator, high-growth startup acceleration service platform, domestic and international multipoint linkage cross-border platform and cyber startup community. With the support of overseas innovation centers, Zoomtech keeps exploring international advanced S&T projects and conducts project incubation, acceleration and implementation with services in terms of venture capital, equity investment, entrepreneurship mentors, talent training and etc. After the project went into operation, Zoomtech will keep exploring government resources and marked channels to accelerate the commercialization process of overseas technologies, thus fulfilling Zoomtech’s mission of global technology, cross-border acceleration and invented in China.

Through refined platform operation, Zoomtech not only provides hardware support services such as high-end business service space, environment, equipment leasing and cloud services, but also basic startup services such as company registration, accounting, law, intellectual property, policy consultation, High-tech enterprise application. In addition, with the market-based operation, such as industry summit, startup salon, startup training, startup coffee, project road show and etc. Zoomtech has already realized the seamless integration of industrial capital and S&T project and achieved the goals of setting up platform, building brand, gathering attention and introducing resources.

In order to lower the innovation and startup risks, set up a leading sharing intellectual resources community and build a sharing innovation eco-system, Zoomtech has gathered high-end international talents composed of hundreds of experts, pundits, business mentors and etc. and established a mentor resources bank. With efficient integration of internet big data technology, Zoomtech has realized the fragmented intellectual resources coordination and efficiently gathered high-end intellectual resources for innovation and startup.

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