Piedmont Triad Research Park (PTRP) is located at the junction of two highways and the traffic is convenient as it is
within one hour ride to two airports.
The area of the park is 0.97 square kilometers. It is about 8 kilometers away from Wake Forest University;
and it is about 37 kilometers away from Greensboro Campus of University of North Carolina.


Relying on the abundant research resources of Wake Forest University, PTRP specializes in popular areas such as research and development of human organs; at the same time, it cooperates and develops with Research Triangle Park (RTP) supported by the sound financing channel and research platform. The detailed industries of the park include reproductive medicine (organ regeneration), cell therapy, biological molecular imaging, tissue engineering and nanotechnology, among which the research and development of artificial organs is the leading industry. The park is involved in basic research and development, sample testing and clinical trials but not mass production.


PTRP has an advanced public and commercial supporting service system, and the reserved land and introduction of university provide broader space for the further development of the park. The ways for the park to utilize the land mainly include: 0.49 km for industries, mainly used for research and development as well as business; 0.17 km for supporting services, mainly used for R&D center and commercial complex; 0.27 km for public utilities, mainly used as greenbelt and small parks; 0.04 km for living apartments, mainly used as low-density residential buildings. For the commercial supporting facilities, except for one independent commercial complex in the middle, all the others are scattered among the floor 1 -3 of the buildings; the main types include restaurants, art center, entertainment center, and innovation center with the aim to provide basic service of catering, entertainment and shopping; the supporting living facilities include large area of open waters and greenbelt, advanced road and highways as well as open parking lots which can accommodate more than 200 vehicles. The overall environment of the park is perfect and it is convenient for the staff to work and patrol.