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Foundry Club cross-border accelerator is an accelerator platform of international cross-border incubators co-invested by Beijing Zoom Technology Incubator Co., Ltd., US DFW Excellerator, and US Foundry Venture. Committed itself to the integration of the advanced innovation culture and cross-border service resources in China and in the US, Foundry Club created the first entrepreneurs service platform mode of International Cooperative Business Social Community, and established a global leading cross-border innovative service ecological system through providing the full-chain comprehensive services of international incubation and accelerator,
cross-border project match, technology transfer, financing, training and counseling to the global entrepreneurs, investors, service providers and business persons based on the innovation of internet platform and international shared office space with interactions of each other. We are more than an incubator.

In the entrepreneurial circles, many people called Foundry Club cross-border accelerator as the most Bigger shared office in Beijing. Thanks to its international background, there are abundant venture capital and project resources besides the high-end office environment in this US style cooperative office community. In the eyes of entrepreneurs, here you can find the angel investment and partners and be sync with the world-class resources, and all you need is to rent a table.

Compared with the traditional incubator, rent is not the main method of profit for Foundry Club cross-border accelerator; instead, it is more like an ecological community with shared office resources, where the entrepreneurs can not only enjoy the quality open office, well equipped meeting room, cross-border roadshow hall & leisure room, but also can have the one-stop and bag occupancy services including printing, water & electricity, internet access, express, air-conditioning, joint secretary, company registration, talent recruitment, media cooperation, entrepreneurship training, and E-community etc. With regard to the entrepreneurship communication, we have abundant financing and partner resources, corporate training camp, founder club, angel afternoon tea, and entrepreneurship contest. We will always meet your needs.

In response to the natural and urgent demand of the start-up companies for capital, Foundry Club established a venture capital fund alliance based on its own venture capital of RMB 200 million yuan and together with several mature funds. With focus on the fast-growing companies on the investment platform and with regard to the different needs at different development stages, it provides multi-level professional financing services including financing consulting, NEEQ listing, merge & acquisition to reduce the financing costs and expand the financing channels.